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xAPI-logo-graphicWhile the modeling and simulation world descended on Orlando for one of its largest annual conference and exposition events, on December 3, over fifty interested I/ITSEC attendees participated in the Experience API (xAPI) PlugFest event. The PlugFest was ADL’s one-day series of presentations and hands-on demonstrations involving the new specification.

The day began with remarks from Dr. Paula Durlach, Acting Director, ADL Initiative, who focused her remarks on how ADL and the community can work together to lower the “barrier of entry” to xAPI use and adoption. Following Dr. Durlach’s introductory comments, other ADL personnel followed with presentations on the xAPI’s origins and purpose, summaries of the xAPI Design Cohort, Communities of Practice, and Specification Working Groups—all of which serve to engage the learning and development community in using and shaping the specification.

The ADL Technical Team also presented on ADL’s Learning Record Store (which receives xAPI statements) and the SCORM-to-xAPI wrapper, which allows SCORM eLearning packages to express learning events using xAPI. One topic that seemed to generate a lot of excitement was the SCORM-to-xAPI Roadmap, which details the four stages of system readiness and usage associated with using SCORM and the xAPI. Participants asked numerous questions about the Roadmap. It is anticipated that this framework will provide many answers to more easily “lower the barriers” for xAPI adoption.

During the afternoon sessions, eight adopters of the xAPI from industry (Problem Solutions, Yet Analytics, Instancy, Float Mobile Learning, Torrance Learning, Rustici Software, RePubIt, and Riptide Software) took the stage to present their xAPI-enabled learning support solutions.
After their presentations, all eight adopter organizations set up demonstration stations to allow attendees to interact with the technologies on display. Flight simulators, e-book applications, xAPI data visualization, and Android Wear xAPI demonstrations were among the implementations on display.

The day ended in much discussion of the future of the xAPI, but even more discussion of the potential uses of the technologies on display. Resources from this event are now available by clicking here

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