ADL Initiative BAA:

Future Learning Systems – Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL)

The goal of the BAA is to provide a persistent capability by which learners have access to effective, personalized learning content and/or job performance aids that can be presented to the user in a transparent and ubiquitous manner in a format suitable for their preferences and can be accessed from multiple devices/platforms through a PAL. To achieve this vision, multiple research areas must be investigated.

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  • The PAL environment must: allow the learner seamless access to a network of capable peers and/or mentors; train in multiple environments that include mixed reality, virtual worlds, serious games, and simulations; and assess and track performance throughout the learning process while using a single device or a variety of platforms/devices.
  • The PAL’s interface attributes must be transparent and enhance the user experience for every learner in an easy-to-use and effective manner.
  • Knowledge and information must be capable of being shared across the environment and must be available anytime/anywhere.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) system organic to PAL should analyze the user’s profile, learning attributes and competencies thereby providing content tailored to the individual user.

It should stimulate and improve one’s ability to learn. The system should learn and adapt to the attributes not only of these individuals, but also groups and be able to analyze outcomes for positive feedback.
Related to the PAL is an open source virtual environment that facilitates plug-and-play capability for realistic, immersive training and assessment. The long term goal is to move the PAL and virtual environments together into a synthesized mixed reality environment wherein the learner(s) may operate in the virtual world, the real world or an amalgam of both as appropriate.
Solicitations are open now through 31 May 2012. Click here for more information

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