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ADL to Hold Special Event at I/ITSEC: Experience API (xAPI) PlugFest

feature-ADL-experienceThe Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative will conduct an Experience API (xAPI) PlugFest on Wednesday, December 3 at this year’s I/ITSEC. Participants will spend the morning learning about how the xAPI, a component of the Training and Learning Architecture (TLA), works and how it can be used to increase learning and performance effectiveness.

Through an overview of xAPI technology and example use cases, the morning will serve to educate participants on how the xAPI enables a learning environment that takes advantage of open source, cutting-edge technical learning applications and delivery systems to track learning no matter how the training is accomplished (e.g., via mobile device, social media, games, virtual environments, simulators), share tracked learning data among training systems, and help instructors, tutors, mentors and administrators establish pathways to faster and more efficient expert achievement.

The afternoon will be a unique opportunity for attendants to engage in xAPI-enabled system design and construction through hands-on tutorials. The tutorial agenda will include popular sessions such as:

• Creating web-based content using JQuery mobile that is tracked using the xAPI
• Adding xAPI tracking to your SCORM courses
• Creating a custom dashboard or report based on your xAPI data
• Creating an Android application that uses the xAPI to track data and show a leaderboard
• Designing for xAPI: how does instructional design differ from SCORM to xAPI?
• xAPI for decision makers: why do you care about xAPI?

The PlugFest is open to all registered I/ITSEC participants. Non-I/ITSEC participants can register for the Special Event here and using the promotion code “PLGFST.” The $75 registration cost is technically a one-day registration for Wednesday, Dec. 3 (PlugFest Day), to include lunch and access to that day’s events, papers, and exhibits.

Spotlight on ADL Technology: The Virtual World Sandbox

VWS_Logo-w-250X250The ADL Initiative’s Virtual World Sandbox (VW Sandbox) is an open-source, collaborative, web-based virtual environment that utilizes next-generation HTML-5 technology to make immersive 3D training experiences available to users anywhere in the world on almost any platform (including mobile). Users can log in to the VW Sandbox website and gain access to a new virtual “world” allocated specifically to them. They can then use authoring tools on the site to build 3D environments—including physics (powered by Bullet, the most popular open-source physics engine), terrain, audio, avatars, particles, and scripting—and access this world from the VW Sandbox servers anytime.

The VW Sandbox is an open-source project licensed under Apache 2, so others are free to build on top of the system for both open and commercial purposes. Additionally, performance data in the Sandbox can be tracked with the built-in xAPI integration feature.

For more information, visit the Virtual World Sandbox site and the Virtual World Sandbox repository on GitHub, where open-source collaborators can chat with ADL, review and negotiate changes, and track bug reports.

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