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Otronicon is an interactive technology expo that demonstrates how future generations will live, learn, work and play. The event runs January 17-20, 2014 at the Orlando Science Center.

[The name comes from (O)rlando Elec(tron)ic (I)nteractive Entertainment (Con)vention.]

ADL_Logo_Featured_Pic_200x126The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative’s Next Generation Learner team, led by Dr. Elaine Raybourn, will host an Imaginarium Workshop for children ages 6 and up on Saturday,  January 18,  as part of Otronicon. Workshop participants will experience a virtual environment that simulates an island off the coast of British Columbia. As they learn about the ecosystem and search for a newly discovered species, the learners can interact with a simulated Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL). The PAL serves as a personal tutor, guiding the learners as they explore the environment within the Imaginarium in pursuit of their quest.

This is the second year that ADL researchers are hosting the workshop to observe how young learners interact with a simulated PAL technology. Learn more about the Imaginarium and Next Generation Learner research at

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