ADL xAPI Webinar

The Defense Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) hosted a webinar on January 25 to discuss xAPI cybersecurity.


Shelly Blake-Plock, the chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Learning Technology Standards Committee (IEEE LTSC) Working Group on xAPI Cybersecurity,  was the featured speaker during the webinar and discussed the best practices and the development of a new IEEE standard for xAPI stakeholders.


xAPI is the experience application programming interface which tracks the data and experience of users.


The IEEE LTSC xAPI working group aims to help technical implementers understand key security concerns relevant to xAPI technologies, help customers of xAPI technologies understand the impact of xAPI security matters on their technology environment, and help individuals recognize potential security concerns related to xAPI implementation. It’s main effort is to implement best practices and common standard protocols for defining and addressing cybersecurity related to xAPI.


During the webinar, Blake-Plock addressed a key question for xAPI implementers: how do systems and applications in a learning ecosystem securely share xAPI data?


Blake-Plock and the IEEE LTSC working group are finalizing a standard which will answer this question and others related to xAPI.


“The standard will define stakeholder types and document how secure xAPI implementation fits into the broader category of best practices in cybersecurity,” said Blake-Plock.


The full webinar, including slides, can be downloaded on the ADL website.


To learn more about the IEEE LTSC xAPI working group, visit:


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