ADL-1The response to two Webinars that ADL offered in 2012 was so positive that ADL scheduled an expanded, monthly webinar series for 2013. Webinar topics have included an overview of ADL’s research and development program, plus sessions focused on ADL’s Training and Learning Architecture, the Experience API (xAPI), and Transmedia Learning.

Each Webinar runs for about an hour, with time allotted for questions. After each presentations, the slides and a list of relevant resources are posted on the Webinar page at ADL website’s

[]. Audio recordings are also made available on YouTube.

Upcoming topics include Building a Virtual World Framework Application, Future Trends in Games for Education and Training, the release of the Experience API Version 1.0, Making Reuse Real with standardized services and open source software, Mobile Learning, and research about the Next Generation Learner, among others.

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