Courtesy of ADL Initiative

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative’s Community Manager, Craig Wiggins, was one of the featured speakers for the eLearning Guild Online Forum on Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Record Stores (LRS), and the Experience API (xAPI), a two-day program of sessions on May 20 and 21. Wiggins, along with Robert Gadd of OnPoint Digital, presented a session called “Learning Platform Strategies: LMS, LRS, or Both?”

Wiggins stated that the event “was a great opportunity for learning professionals to understand how the past and present of learning experience management will shape the design of future performance interventions of all sorts.”

The session examined new approaches and emerging technologies, from simple tools to complex platforms, that are shaping the way organizations track training and performance support. It also explored the cost-efficiency of implementing a Learning Record Store (LRS) to manage informal learning activities. Participants were able to gain insights and practical tools to help plan and adopt a flexible learning architecture capable of integrating current technologies and resources with future innovations.

More information on this session can be found on the eLearning Guild Online Forum.

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