The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) leadership attended the 2023 Combat Air Forces (CAF) Weapons and Tactics (WEPTAC) conference at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, January 11-12.


WEPTAC is an annual winter event that brings together hundreds of warfighters to discuss current and future threat issues and to provide solutions for joint employment of forces. Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine personnel across the globe attend the event to observe new ways to apply emerging technology and tactics for joint warfighting.


The United States Warfare Center, run by Air Combat Command (ACC), Directorate of Operations, provided over 40 briefings to various mission-specific working groups. At the conference, working groups evaluated a variety of new technologies and tactics related to mission planning, mission debriefing, airborne laser, bore-sighting systems, UAVs, aircraft engines, aircraft avionics, data link, ejection seats, air-to-air missiles, advanced targeting pods, electronic attack systems, space, cyber, helmet cueing systems, F-35s, F-22s, and weapon systems.


Each working group briefed the extensive military audience on their assessments of these technologies, followed by an executive debriefing to the commander of ACC and other major command leaders on the use of tactics and technology in the future.

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