By: Dr. Edward Degnan, AFAMS Modeling and Simulation Support Division


The current Air Force (AF) Operational Test & Training Infrastructure (OTTI) workforce was established incrementally in an ad-hoc fashion over the past 50 years.


According to the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS), OTTI is fragmented, and there is a need to develop a viable and sustainable workforce pipeline and associated career life-cycle management structure. To achieve this outcome, AFAMS and the Air Force’s Directorate of Air, Space, and Information Operations completed an OTTI workforce analysis study which resulted in the publication of the “Air Force OTTI Human Capital Strategy” with an associated operating plan.


The Air Force OTTI Human Capital Strategy is an adaptive, long-term plan to ensure continuous workforce optimization using appropriate sourcing, recruiting, development, and redeployment techniques. A vital goal of this effort is to reduce resource redundancies leading to measurable efficiencies across the Air Force enterprise and enhance the ability to develop realistic training environments to promote readiness. The Air Force’s greatest asset is its Airmen. Establishing an effective, sustainable OTTI workforce will go a long way to ensure readiness for Air Force forces and their ability to interact effectively with joint and coalition partner forces.


To execute the AF OTTI HC Strategy, AFAMS is developing the AF OTTI HC Implementation Plan which will establish the fundamental objectives and process for organizations to follow and assigns responsibilities to achieve an integrated and sustainable OTTI workforce. This document will provide a methodology and a timeline for implementing an efficient and effective process to establish a skilled AF OTTI workforce. Key to the implementation, is the participation of the key stakeholders which include Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (AF/A3), Deputy Chief of Staff Manpower, Personnel and Services (AF/A1), AFAMS, MAJCOMs, HQ Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) /Air Force Career Field Managers and the Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency (AFMAA).


A working group consisting of operational and manpower representatives from the MAJCOMS & key OTTI Organizations is currently being formed to formalize the execution of the AF OTTI Human Capital Implementation Plan. Once the working group fully executes the AF OTTI Workforce Implementation Plan, the result will be the establishment and formalization AF OTTI workforce that is comprised of a mix of military, government, civilian, and contractor personnel with the required OTTI-related competencies to address the challenges facing various AF OTTI functional communities.


Photo by United States Air Force


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