Courtesy of AFAMS

RaTtLer-Screenshot-wThe Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) launched their new CAC-enabled website, RaTtLer showcasing the most current news, emerging technologies and trends from the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) industry. Users now have access to the LVC technical information, videos, and thought-provoking perspectives from subject matter experts, all working together to deliver a detailed overview of the industry across the military, academia and government sectors.

Furthermore, the Rattler provides a link to the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Information Service (AFMSIS) site that users can visit for technical information, up-to-date LVC data, and access to the AFAMS Twitter social network for live interaction with the LVC community.

AFAMS is the lead agent for centralized management of Air Force cross-functional and shared LVC foundational capabilities and resources supporting Air Force Service Core Functions. Its mission is to provide seamless integration of cross-functional LVC environments for operational training that allows warfighters to maximize performance and decision making.

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