Image of AFCEA presentation

By Kate Finkel, Staff Writer


The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) Space Coast Chapter hosted an industry networking event at the Tides Club, Patrick Space Force Base, on June 26.


AFCEA is an educationally oriented, nonprofit technical society dedicated to bringing people together from all demographics worldwide. It aims to strengthen global security, provide education, and help prepare tomorrow’s science, technology, engineering and math workforce. AFCEA’s members and constituents include professionals in the military, government, industry and academia.


Diana Teel, NavalX Central Florida Tech Bridge director, served as guest speaker. Teel explained how Team Orlando, the Central Florida Tech Bridge, and the Central Florida Tech Grove have incorporated into one ecosystem to amplify collaborative efforts to a national level.


Teel explained that this one large ecosystem allows collaborators to collect input from all relevant areas more efficiently, ensuring that no industry gets left out. She addressed each area and how all the different communities work together for seamless collaboration. The Tech Grove’s creation has enabled this ecosystem to host various events to build the community, gain partnerships, and fuel capability.


“Tech Grove is the only innovation hub that we know of in the nation that has all of the services [represented],” Teel said. “We have a technical advisory board that includes the chief technology officers from all of the organizations in the ecosystem [who] get together monthly to have a voice on what they do at Tech Grove. [Our] innovation hub is extremely helpful for industry members because we are able to map you on where you belong in our ecosystem and build meaningful connections that benefit everyone.”


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