With a work force of over 44,000 employees in 85 countries and 7 continents, Amentum has worked diligently to develop a “Smart Workplace” strategy. This strategy aligns with our company’s culture, preferred ways of working, and with our customers’ overarching business goals needs while improving their productivity. Ultimately, the goal is to lower costs to customers, automatically track all requirements and streamline program management.


Amentum understands that automation is at the heart of the Smart Workplace. It is the integration of work via physical and virtual space, our employees, and our technology resulting in better and faster output. Prior to Covid-19, Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital transformation in the workplace was the driving factor in future workplace development, from infrastructure to “standard” office practices. Amentum’s leadership recognized the importance of leveraging these existing and emerging technologies to reduce costs and refine the in-office experience.


Amentum’s smart workplace technology is a network of interconnected devices and systems working together to create an intelligent infrastructure. It uses technology to automate everyday tasks, manage workflow, and connect systems while providing a seamless workplace experience that remains unnoticed by employees and customers alike.


The concept of the “Smart Workplace” has played a major role in Amentum’s development of new ways of working and focusing on providing improved processes in meeting client needs. A Smart Workplace provides what is truly needed to enhance productivity.


Smart Digital Assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, have become fundamental in our daily lives and these same smart technologies are now entering the workplace. Automation offers numerous digital solutions that can reduce the amount of repetitive and low-valued processes, letting our employees focus on more meaningful tasks thereby making the best use of your most scarce resource, time.


Amentum’s experience in the implementation of a smart workplace strategy does not simply translate into doing more in less time—it also directly impacts quality. Simply, a Smart Workplace is well-connected and uses technology in conjunction with a human-centric strategy to improve employee experience, performance, and customer satisfaction.


Amentum’s Three Key Elements of Smart Workplace


Visual Management


Visual management at Amentum involves using clear, real-time data to share crucial information with employees and clients. It helps enhance communications and efficiency between Amentum management and its employees, subcontractors, and clients. In the form of a digital display or dashboard, available across multiple devices, a Smart Workplace provides real-time analytics to both workers and management including data on performance, status, and progress, resulting in a more effective, fact-based decision-making, and problem-solving operation.


The proper utilization of visual management helps make all workplace elements and processes more visually apparent. These visual controls can be:


  • Informative – identity, directions, strategic goals, customer expectations and compliance requirements.
  • Instructional – communicate SOPs, work-related information, and workplace organization and maintenance activities.
  • Result-oriented – display process, projects, production, productivity, and performance status information.

Amentum has found that proper implementation of digital-based visual management techniques leads to improved efficiency for both workers and managers, reducing waste, improving inventory management, providing a safer work environment, and ensuring greater communications across teams.


On Demand Reporting


Amentum’s Smart Sustainment processes are driven by diverse data inputs. Such operations require a continuous reporting capability which can be generated now, in a unique, relevant format. On-demand reporting provides flexibility, is easy to use, and allows for the sharing of data thereby supporting collaboration in and across teams.


An on-demand reporting business strategy generates and distributes reports in real time allowing end-users to build reports quickly and easily, anytime they are needed. It also provides reporting that combines all relevant information on a given situation in one report. A significant benefit of an on-demand reporting business strategy is that end-users do not need to have technical knowledge to create these reports. Other benefits of on-demand reporting:


  • In an ever-changing market, on-demand reporting allows Amentum to keep abreast of developments and change data.
  • Correctly implemented on-demand reporting is efficient and easy-to-use for immediate actions/decisions.
  • Unlike standardized reports, on-demand reports can be developed and changed according to your evolving needs.


Single Spot Information (Single-Source of Truth)


Many large businesses do not fully capitalize on how best to organize the multiple sources of data available to them resulting in the lack of collaboration between teams, data accuracy, and accessibility.


Accuracy and completeness of data is crucial in the management of contracts. Amentum’s data-driven decision-making processes have placed greater importance on collecting and analyzing data. Acting on data-derived business intelligence is essential. Amentum’s digital tools provide a full range of on-demand reports allowing Amentum and its customers to track total ownership costs, and support and provide metrics to their program management teams.


Amentum’s digital information tool suite provides real-time project data through increased visibility down to the individual item. Our digital information tool suite provides a single site to track on-hand configuration of systems to include the swapping/movement of components at the direction of the customer, maintenance actions, and system modifications.


The ability for Amentum to obtain program information and the maintenance status of systems is crucial. Amentum’s digital information tool suite provides robust ad hoc capability and customizable user dashboards to quickly obtain program information. This includes maintenance data and metrics, funding status by contract line items (CLIN) and task orders (TO), tracking request for proposals (RFP)s through contractor proposal submission, tracking shipments from customer sites to contractors, and an on-line work order creation capability by customer sites.


What We Bring to the Fight


Amentum delivers innovative processes, training, and tools from day one. Amentum’s cost-effective integrated maintenance, sustainment, and material management approach helps reduce mission risk, achieve contract goals, and adapt to multi-domain training requirements through:


  • Proven effective, and low risk global program transition.
  • Sustained and predictive asset readiness centric information system.
  • Proactive engineering and technical processes.
  • Delivery of transparent best value solutions.


Amentum’s INSIGHT Tool Suite along with its mobile application is a holistic, integrated, and tailorable system providing proven capabilities that deliver superior support in data visualization ensuring a global common operating picture, transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. Our ISTS supports multiple operations including contract and program management functions, operations and sustainment, human resources, and stewardship functions by providing accurate data presented in a usable format that supports an operationalized management approach while synchronizing with other program information systems in meeting customer requirements.


Amentum’s INSIGHT provides:


  • Contract and program management including a proven transition process that sets the stage for low-risk contract execution.
  • Operations and sustainment through the unify of planning, actions, execution, and resourcing.
  • Human resource management tools allow for a multi-skilled cross-functional workforce that optimizes management flexibility.
  • Infrastructure capable of responding to changing priorities and surges.
  • Application of best practices and technology.


Amentum’s web-based INSIGHT portal provides access to task order work status and deliverables, dashboard performance metrics and scheduled information, ensuring all stakeholders are immediately and consistently informed. It gathers, collates, analyzes, and presents program data IAW the customer and the Amentum Program Management team’s requirements. It displays data in a dashboard format for any given location, unit, or training device – providing real-time visualization for government and Amentum personnel. These tailored dashboards can support specific user needs – from an initial landing page that provides overall systems availability, to ad hoc reports based on individual data reporting requirements. The INSIGHT uses a single graphical user interface that:


  • Is user friendly for data entry and report generation.
  • Automates data processing and reduces the likelihood of errors.
  • Ensures quality control of data entry and visibility over data validation and verification.
  • Ensures identification, reporting, and remediation of data accuracy and completeness issues or errors.


Amentum’s INSIGHT Tool Suite allows for the review of priority work order status by platform, installation, and portfolio – including failure rates, associated costs of repair, and real time availability of government-furnished equipment and tools. It provides tracking of failure data – including costs associated with platform and system repair – which allows for budget tracking and repair cost estimation in near real-time, as well as predictive system failures and maintenance and stockage of repair parts. INSIGHT also provides complete and accurate life cycle support data allowing both Amentum and its clients to manage its equipment portfolio, determine total ownership costs, and quickly generate standardized and ad hoc charts, graphs, and reports.


Amentum leverages industry-leading expertise, processes, and technology to ensure the availability and reliability of our client’s vital equipment. Our innovative technology solutions, repeatable processes, and expertise ensure operational readiness and extend the life cycle of vital equipment.


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