The first ever Armed Forces Jam is November 4 at the Central Florida Tech Grove in Orlando. The “Jam” brings together game developers and defense organizations to make amazing and innovative games that drive innovation and address some of the challenges facing the Armed Forces.

Organizers say it will be the “ultimate creative collaboration happening in one, highly-paced weekend.” Participants will have 48-hours to ideate and deliver an MVP gaming solution tackling some intriguing challenges facing the five commands delivering modeling, simulation, and training solutions to our warfighters. This competition is a fun way to rapidly prototype gaming solutions using various gaming platforms, AR, VR and AI technologies, while being supported by subject matter experts. And the winners will be promoted at the Tech Grove booth during this year’s I/ITSEC.

The weekend gets started on Thursday, Nov. 4 at the Kick-Off party featuring Night of Talks and Armed Forces Standup Comedy. There’s a place for everyone throughout the 48-hour jam: artists, programmers, game designers, UI and UX designers, musicians, writers, poets, interpretive dancers, people excited about games, people excited about improving our armed forces, people who like to eat pizza, and people like you.

A few reminders:
* All ticket fees fund food, drinks & expenses to create an enjoyable event experience for all.
* If you’re a developer, bring your own gear: computers, software, graphic tablets, power strips, extension cables, and everything you need to participate. You will be provided a spot to work and an opportunity to team up.
* All games will become available to the public at no cost at the end of the event.
* Game presentations will be Sunday evening.

The event will be held at the Central Florida Tech Grove, 12809 Science Drive, Orlando, Fla., 32826. Learn more and register here:
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