The Training Support System Enterprise (TSSE) hosted the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Fielding Summit in Orlando with PEO STRI’s support. Military leaders and representatives from more than twenty different Army Installations were together last week to discuss and learn about the Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) and the future of US Army training.

This event allows installation representatives to see the equipment in-person, as well as to better understand the transportation and storage of the containers so they can prepare their facilities to receive and utilize the RVCT for Soldier training within the next five years.

The RVCT system combines virtual reality gaming with real-time aerial and ground based military training to create a more lethal and well-rounded fighting force. PEO STRI is stepping into the future, using today’s extensive technology abilities to develop tomorrow’s soldiers.


Content/photo courtesy of PEO STRI.

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