Bluedrop Hoist Management Training System

Under a partnership agreement Bluedrop Training and Simulation of Canada and Air Rescue UK, the Bluedrop Hoist Mission Training System will be available in Europe in early 2023.


Under the banner of Air Rescue Training and Simulation (ARTS) a Bluedrop portable Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) will be positioned at the ARTS training centre to offer Simulation-As-A-Service (SimAAS) to customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

The HMTS allows the trainee to practice mission critical skills in a safe, true-to-life environment, practicing realistic rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios complete with realistic cable behaviour that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs.

Simulation-As-A-Service (SimAAS) is a cost-effective option to provide rear crew training for multiple mission scenarios. Key Benefits are an approach proved over may years in pilot training, that reinforces learning outcomes so that skills related to situational awareness and crew interaction are delivered as simulator sessions in the HMTS; thus, reducing the volume of training completed on the aircraft, which in turn reduces the overall training cost, improving the allocation of resources.
The SimAAS will be offered from ARTS training centre or at customer locations with the option of a customer using their own instructors/simulator operators.

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