Can I please ask for a brief summary of Team Orlando’s mission and how does it relate to Land Forces Training?

Team Orlando’s Mission is to maximize DoD resources to deliver first-rate training capabilities to the Nation’s Warfighters. We do this by uniting the Model, Simulation and Training Community across Central Florida. Land Force Training Summit provides Team Orlando members the opportunity to collaborate across other DoD commands and international partners not located in Orlando to optimize training, technologies, people, and procedures that enhance DoD force readiness.

In terms of Land Training, there are those that say nothing can truly replace live fire exercises, how do you respond to this mindset?

It is true that live fire cannot be replaced or should be replaced, but simulation help enhance the tactics, training, and procedures (TTP) for a warfighter in performing their tasks. Simulation allows warfighters to practice and hone TTPs that can’t be performed in live training for safety, costs, and other reasons. Simulation allows for replaying a scenario and pointing out different courses of actions that could make the mission a success. Simulation also helps to build confidence and decision-making, which makes the live fire event more beneficial.

When it comes to training, a balance must be reached between live and non-live training, with advances in technology would it be accurate to say that the balance is slowly tilting to substituting live-fire training?

Yes, that is the trend. Technology has allowed the training environment to be more robust and immersive. Also, the reduced cost for maintaining training ranges and the wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment. Simulations also allow warfighters to be placed anywhere in the world at any time, to rehearse the missions.

In terms of training systems, what are the warfighters asking more for? Is there anything they have requested less of?

Warfighters want augmented reality, which is the blending of real and virtual worlds, as well as non-kinetic (Cyber, EW, and Intel) ,and immersive environments to hone their decision-making abilities.

What are some of the newest technologies that have caught Team Orlando’s interest for land forces training?

Augmented Reality and digital twins’ technologies. Also, we are looking at artificial intelligence/ machine learning and other data analytics tools.

Team Orlando works through the services in the DoD and DHS; these services have their own priorities and needs. How is Team Orlando able to put them all working together for a common cause?

Team Orlando has numerous meetings with a focus on collaboration with representation from the different organizations within Team Orlando. A good example: Team Orlando utilizes Central Florida Tech Grove, which focuses on the hard problems and technical gaps across all the services and finding solutions that can be used by multiple services. Team Orlando has a charter and a CONOPs that is signed by the commanders from the DoD Services, thus making it part of our culture.

Why has Team Orlando decided to partner with IDGA for our Land Forces event?

Team Orlando recognizes this as an opportunity to work with other DoD commands and international partners in the focus area of land force training. We have two major Commands, (PEO STRI (Army) and PM TRASYS (Marines), that have requirements to support Land Force Training.

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