By Mary Trier

Florida Simulation Summit| MS&TFor more than 50 years, Orlando’s simulation industry has centered on the military training complex. During that time, the community has experienced tremendous growth and a training technology evolution.

The simulations and training systems that have been produced from this work have virtually changed the way our service members coordinate, learn and become skilled in their areas of expertise. Training is no longer focused on an individual’s skills, but includes high level battlefield simulations that teach our military to operate as a team and even how to plan their battlefield strategies.

As the epicenter for Modeling, Simulation and Training, Florida community leaders have embraced the military simulation industry and are now showcasing the ways it impacts other business sectors. In September, the community will hold the first Florida Simulation Summit focused on commercial simulation. Attendees will see some familiar faces of industry, but they will also be introduced to how industry giants such as Disney, JetBlue, Florida Hospital, EA Sports, n-Space and other organizations are tapping into the power of simulation.

This means an expanded industry base for Team Orlando. As we integrate ideas, simulation systems and a simulation-savvy workforce, we’ll grow an even stronger capability for everyone who embraces simulation as a way of learning, teaching and managing. We have a bright future ahead – and the simulation industry plays a vital role in the industry growth and economic impact for the State of Florida and our country.

Registration and more information on the September 16th Florida Simulation Summit can be found on the National Center for Simulation website.

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