Capital Communications and Consulting redesigned logo.

Capital Communications and Consulting, a leading provider of communications products and services for the modeling and simulation industry, has launched its redesigned logo.


“We are evolving our brand to reflect the strengths, talents and creativity of our team,” said Mary Trier, C3’s founder, president, and CEO. “Our new logo maintains our legacy imagery at its center while elevating the power of contemporary design to represent the growth of our talent pool. It symbolizes our ability to offer integrated, creative, and effective communications and marketing solutions for our clients’ evolving needs.”


The redesign incorporates certain elements of C3’s previous logo, such as the familiar blue to convey the trust and loyalty that the firm brings to all its client relationships. The modern design highlights C3’s adaptability and security, as well as its forward-thinking approach to today’s business environment.


The interlaced composition emphasizes collaboration and innovation within a unified display, while the encompassing “C” spotlights C3’s mission to provide competitive marketing services in communications and consulting.


The new logo is part of C3’s broader strategy to foster new client relationships, refresh existing client relationships, and support growth in the digital age. The company will integrate it across all platforms to provide a cohesive brand image.

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