The Central Florida Marine Corps Foundation (CFMCF ) conducted its inaugural Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Challenge at Blanchard Park on Oct. 1. The event was supported by the Marines of PM TRASYS, Recruiting Station Orlando, the Marine Corps League, the Young Marines, and other members of the CFMCF.

The PFT Challenge is a fund raising event to support the charter of the CFMCF which includes the presentation of scholarships to graduating seniors who are children of Marines or will be joining the Marine Corps. It also supports the Marine Corps Memorial at the Orlando Veteran’s Park, and the annual celebration of the Marine Corps’ Birthday.

Marine Corps Fitness Challenge

The PFT Challenge is modeled on the Marine Corps’ Physical Fitness Test and consists of three events: pull ups, abdominal crunches, and a timed three-mile run. These exercises serve as a measure for upper body strength, abdominal core strength, and aerobic conditioning.

Col. Walt Yates ran the challenge and said afterward, “Though turnout was small for the first year of the CFMCF PFT Challenge, it was a great opportunity to share motivation with the Young Marines, enjoy friendly competition, and advance the community outreach goals of the CFMCF.”

Marine Corps Fitness Challenge
Marine Corps Fitness Challenge
Marine Corps Fitness Challenge
Marine Corps Fitness Challenge

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