The first Team Orlando Cyber Day, in partnership with National Center for Simulation, took place on March 10, and showcased nine companies/organizations, as well as the Florida Center for Cybersecurity at the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida Modeling and Simulation Graduate program. Cyber Day was an industry capability event centered around cyber but in particular, cyber in the Live Virtual Constructive training environment.

The participants for Cyber Day included: Army Research Lab, Booz Allen Hamilton, ICF International, Scalable Network Technologies, Metova CyberCENTS, Soar Technology, Inc., Tech TY, Tintri, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Due to the increased focus across the Department of Defense on cyber security and cyber training, Team Orlando stood up a committee to work together on providing possible solutions when it comes to cyber training.

“Our Team Orlando cyber committee has been working hard to find a way to determine what tools and capabilities currently exist that can be used in an LVC environment, and what would be the best way to share those with the government as well as business-to-business,” said Dan Torgler, Deputy Director, JTIEC/Team Orlando.

“We have seen the success of Industry Capability Day and thought that if we planned an event like that but focused only on cyber, it would be a great opportunity to bring together like-minded groups. One of the great surprises from this event was that no two groups had the same tools or were doing the same thing. I think our Service leaders who were able to stop and visit, learned some very valuable insight.”

Many of the participants expressed the event not only met their expectations but exceeded them. Sandy Masin, president of Tech TY, said their experience at Cyber Day was extremely beneficial and rewarding.

“The attendees were all very eager to learn about our Cyber pīrə™ transmedia storytelling challenge game,” Masin said. “Several Team Orlando members and cyber security experts helped us better define our simulation product for the Live Virtual Constructive training environment.”

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