Cybernet Systems Corporation, a leading innovator in technology, announces a breakthrough with its latest patent, Automated Warehousing Using Robotic Forklifts or Other Material Handling Vehicles. This cutting-edge invention is poised to reshape the landscape of autonomous logistics.
In the realm of modern inventory systems, commonly found in container yards and warehouses, the reliance on dedicated cranes, gantry storage, and manual retrieval systems often comes with space constraints and significant capital investments. Cybernet’s patented solution challenges this status quo by introducing a hybrid method and system that enhances conventional forklifts and container transport platforms with automation.
The patent details a novel approach to locating, identifying, acquiring, stacking, and transporting inventory items within an overall inventory system. This innovative method enables conventional and manually driven lifts to operate seamlessly alongside automated vehicles, contributing to more efficient load acquisition, placement, and enhanced safety measures.
Glenn Beach, CEO of Cybernet, emphasized the versatility of the patent, stating, “The advantage of this patent is its adaptability. Human operators can switch autonomous vehicles into manual drive mode at any time, and unmodified manual forklifts can operate in spaces simultaneously used by automated trucks.”
The automated trucks intelligently plan their movements within warehouse areas, adhering to programmed speed limits, managing load stability, and following established human “rules of the road” at intersections and other traffic-producing areas. Equipped with on-board sensors, these automated units can identify obstacles and people, taking proactive measures to avoid worksite accidents and injuries.
Beach added, “Manually driven trucks can also be enhanced to alert operators about unsafe conditions, like a collision risk, and even partial automation can change a vehicle’s speed or make it automatically brake.”
The patent, US 11748700, was issued Sept. 5, 2023, with inventors Charles J. Jacobus, Glenn J. Beach, Steve Rowe, and Charles J. Cohen.
Cybernet continues to lead the way in innovation, offering practical solutions to enhance efficiency and safety in logistics. The company’s commitment to versatility and adaptability marks a significant stride toward the future of automated warehousing.

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