By Terri Bernhardt

As FY 2010 ends, Team Orlando is fortunate to team with Defense Acquisition University to offer acquisition personnel new
opportunities for training right here at home. Acquisition education is a critical requirement for the Department of Defense as it
strives to ensure the acquisition workforce is certified in their core disciplines and cross-trained to provide a vibrant and
responsive workforce.

Earlier this year, PEO STRI’s Acquisition Academy (A2) Dean, Jean Burmester, began looking at how Team Orlando could meet
the training needs of the acquisition workforce. In PEO STRI alone around 200 professionals require DAU training in order to
meet the qualifications for DAWIA certification. Tasked with assisting the workforce in meeting their training needs, Ms.
Burmester began exploring opportunities to bring classes to Orlando. She met with her Navy counter-part, Selina Vic, NAWCTSD
Site Training Manager and with Marshall Eubanks from the Defense Acquisition University. Together, they discussed partnering
that would offer training to all government acquisition professionals. While no changes were anticipated, a shortage of
available classrooms within the DAU Southern Region gave DAU managers an opportunity to bring some of its FY11 classes to
Orlando. Thirteen DAU classes previously scheduled at other locations within the region are offered in Orlando in Partnership I,
Partnership II, or Tech Point II buildings:

CON 120-014: Mission-Focused Contracting, 29 Nov-10 Dec 10
CON 234-004: Joint Contingency Contracting, 4 Jan-14 Jan 11
PQM 301-003: Advanced Production, Quality, and Manufacturing, 24 Jan-4 Feb 11
LOG 350-019: Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management, 15-25 Mar 11
CON 243-005: Architect-Engineer Contracting, 28 Mar-1 Apr 11
ACQ 201B-089: Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B, 4-8 Apr 11
STM 303-007: Advanced S&T Management, 12-15 Apr 11
CON 244-006: Construction Contracting, 2-6 May 11
STM 202-010: Intermediate S&T Management, 34-26 May 11
CON 215-056: Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support, 7-16 Jun 11
LOG 236-044: Performance-Based Logistics, Part B, 20-24 Jun 11
ACQ 201B-138: Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B, 18-22 Jul 11
ACQ 201B-157: Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B, 15-19 Aug 11

Ms. Burmester is pleased with the relocation of DAU classes in FY11. “This is very good for our Team Orlando students,” she
said. “By participating in these classes, our workforce will be exposed to classmates with diverse missions and backgrounds.”
Ms. Burmester believes this would provide insights for the students into acquisition applications that they would not ordinarily
have. One of the biggest benefits she sees is that as Team Orlando learns about acquisition challenges from across the military,
others will learn about Team Orlando and the valuable work we perform here. “While the current agreement only applies to
FY11 training, we hope to lay the groundwork for future opportunities,” stated Ms. Burmester.

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