Jude Tomasello, program manager for the Defense Health Agency’s Medical Simulation and Program Training Office, provided some updates from his organization at the 2023 Training and Simulation Industry Symposium in Orlando.


Tomasello first discussed the relevance of “value proposition”, which he colloquially defined as “what are you [or your organization] doing that justifies every dollar you’re spending,” and its relevance in the current industry climate.


“We sat down to map what we do as providing training and simulation, and how it supports [that justification], and it took us about 10 minutes because it’s so apparent and obvious,” Tomasello said. “Simulation and training enable readiness, and from there, you’re on your way.”


Next, Tomasello also provided an update on the Complicated Obstetric Emergencies Simulation System.


“It’s not just something you can buy commercially, put it in a room, and train – we’re building a system,” Tomasello said. “It’s going to have several integrated, part-task trainer systems and a data analysis component as well. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re looking to announce an award in late July.”


Tomasello also discussed Interoperable Networking for Training, Readiness, and Education in Medicine (INTREMED). The INTREMED capability is described as a system of systems designed to interoperate with (not replace) existing training, education and data management systems to aggregate data into a centralized location.


“INTREMED will be the common face, common management and capture/collection of data,” Tomasello said. “I like to refer to INTREMED as your ‘universal remote’… for one way to manage and control training data.”


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