Today, the DiSTI Corporation announced an update to its HMI development tool, GL Studio®. This latest update, GL Studio 8.1, adds ancillary product support (GlsRSOLoader and GlsMapToolkt) for macOS, Best Practice Workflows documentation, an Interface Control Document (ICD) Generator Package, along with support for Visual Studio 2022 and Windows 11.

“More organizations than ever have begun adopting GL Studio. With GL Studio 8.1, we make it easier than ever to learn how to use our HMI software tool by providing the most comprehensive introduction to the key aspects of GL Studio development”, explained DiSTI CEO John Hayward.

With the introduction of macOS support in GL Studio 8.0, this iteration takes it even further with the ancillary GlsRSOLoader and GlsMapToolkit macOS support. Additionally, GL Studio editor is now a universal binary on macOS, further improving the feasibility of developers looking to use GL Studio on macOS.

“The GL Studio 8.1 new features allow seamless integration to macOS platforms with universal binaries and ancillary products, and enables easier onboarding with best practices in an updated customer document site,” stated GL Studio Engineering Manager Linda Flannery. “We remain committed to delivering the exceptional support that our customers have come to expect of GL Studio. The team invested countless hours to ensure that this update reflects customer feedback and requests.”

Aerospace and Automotive industry customers of GL Studio will find the new ICD Generator Package revamps GL Studio’s ICD generation functionality. The new clean and simple graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easier to generate an ICD for a GL Studio design. Users can now easily filter data by type or content by using Wildcard Data Filters. In addition, the output format for a generated ICD is now customizable.

Many improvements to the HMI software tool are included in GL Studio 8.1. Some of these improvements to existing features are:

  • Linux texture modulation improvements.
  • Objects now copy and paste in the draw order rather than the selected order.
  • Deployments will now return an error code if the application crashes.
  • GL Studio now supports Windows 11.
  • GL Studio now supports Visual Studio 2022.
  • Several quality-of-life enhancements, such as the new Isolate Object feature.

Customers under current maintenance and support contracts for GL Studio can log into DiSTI’s customer support portal to download the latest version.

For more information on GL Studio, contact us at sales@disti.com.

Visit our GL Studio page to learn more about our safety-critical expertise and the cutting-edge HMI software developed by The DiSTI Corporation.

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