Today, Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD) Kathleen Hicks signed the Department’s way forward for ensuring ethics in artificial intelligence development and acceleration ― the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Implementation Pathway (RAI S&I Pathway). This document is the next step in instilling and operationalizing the Department of Defense’s AI Ethical Principles adopted in February 2020.

The RAI S&I Pathway is founded on the RAI Implementation Tenets the DSD introduced in May 2021. The guidance provides key lines of effort and an initial set of tools to strengthen RAI implementation activities.

The DoD RAI implementation effort will be directly supported by the DoD Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO) RAI Chief, Ms. Diane Staheli. While Staheli will provide day-to-day insight and expertise, Dr. Jane Pinelis will continue offering executive-level guidance as Chief of AI Assurance Directorate, which is home to both the CDAO’s RAI and Testing and Evaluation (T&E) Divisions.

“CDAO AI Assurance is the tip of the spear for the Department’s adoption of the RAI S&I Pathway, ensuring the trust of the warfighter and the American public as we expand our AI capability,” remarked Pinelis.

The RAI S&I Pathway is a critical step in the journey toward accelerating RAI and furthering the Department’s commitment to responsible behavior, processes, and outcomes in the pursuit of AI technology.

DSD Hicks affirmed, “It is imperative that we establish a trusted ecosystem that not only enhances our military capabilities but also builds confidence with end-users, warfighters, the American public, and international partners. The Pathway affirms the Department’s commitment to acting as a responsible AI-enabled organization.”

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