By JAIC Public Affairs

The Department of Defense (DoD) Joint AI Center (JAIC) hosted the fifth AI Partnership for Defense (PfD) March 2-3, 2022, with military and defense forces from 16 nations. The PfD, led and created by the JAIC, serves as a recurring forum for like-minded defense partners to discuss respective policies, approaches, and challenges in adopting AI-enabled capabilities. This fifth occurrence of the AI-focused defense dialogue was hosted by Canada’s Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces and builds on the previous meetings, which focused on AI ethics, data readiness, human capital, and AI governance.

The two-day dialogue focused on “AI Partnerships,” with topics covering good practices and lessons learned on developing trusted and effective partnerships among governments, industry, and academia.

“With the AI revolution driven largely by the private sector, academia, and civil society, it is crucial for defense institutions to establish effective partnerships with innovators beyond traditional defense partners,” said Lieutenant General Michael Groen, JAIC Director.

To tap into the pool of world-leading AI talent, leverage commercially available technologies, and benefit from thriving cultures of innovation, defense institutions must take an active role and ensure meaningful and balanced relationships between government, academia, and the tech industry. Representatives from various partner nations shared their approaches to creating successful public-private partnerships, strategies to leverage technologies from the commercial sector, and approaches to securing and protecting the AI ecosystem. The group also engaged in scenario analyses to identify core challenges and share solutions to effectively engage with industry and academia.

Since its inception in September of 2020, the PfD has expanded its membership attendance from 13 to 16 nations. The Partnership is designed to strengthen the responsible development and use of AI, enhance interoperability, and provide a marketplace for multilateral coordination on AI for defense. The importance of the reoccurring forum was underlined by the U.S. National Security Commission on AI in their final report to Congress and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks, who described the forum as “a prime example where we can work side-by-side with key international partners to advance our shared interests and collectively problem-solve.”

“The partnerships we forge together and the relationships we cultivate through PfD are setting the course for AI adoption and readiness across our nations,” said Stephanie Culberson, Head of International Affairs for the JAIC.

The DoD remains committed to establishing a robust and interoperable AI ecosystem based on shared norms and values and a strong commitment to Responsible AI.

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