ECS will provide guidance regarding enhancing the medical simulation curriculum to strengthen mission-critical training for service members.


Mick Golson, Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) president, announced that the company has been awarded a contract for Navy Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (NMMAST) services by the United States Navy. ECS will provide technical support to design, develop, and deliver medical simulation training curriculum materials in multiple delivery modalities at Military Treatment Facilities and training sites within the continental United States. Richard A. Madrid, Jr., ECS Vice President of Global Services, will lead the program with ECS Project Manager, Danielle Golson.


Mick Golson says: “By delivering strategic counsel to the Navy Surgeon General and Naval Medical Forces Support Command, our team will be providing valuable subject matter expertise, cutting-edge information, and innovative medical simulation training tools. ECS has been supporting our U.S. military service members since 1997 and has direct familiarity with this task order We are proud to continue working with the Navy to enhance its MMAST program to meet, and possibly exceed, mission critical objectives while potentially saving more lives.”


The NMMAST program provides centralization and standardization of simulation center operations, training, and acquisition of equipment used to support research and naval medical assets in 31 locations worldwide. The tasks related to this project should be completed by March 2024.


Madrid adds: “The specific services that our team is providing are focused on education, training, and Graduate Medical Education efforts that are based upon NMMAST mission requirements and directives. We believe this program is on the leading edge of providing world-class medical training to the Navy and our entire team is honored to support our service members.”

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