The Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) successfully executed the first Soldier Touch Point (STP) on a cornerstone modernization effort of the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) using the Training Simulation Software (TSS), the Training Management Tool (TMT), and Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer-Soldier (RVCT-S).

A group of 22 Soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army, located at Fort Hood, Texas, traveled to Orlando and executed a range of squad battle drills while providing user and technical feedback across a range of training vignettes in different weather and lighting conditions using home-station Ft. Hood terrain within the STE.

The Soldiers assessed the software’s ability to facilitate training on base battle drills such as react to an IED and indirect fire, conduct a Squad assault, enter and clear a building, and knock out a bunker. Additionally, the team collected feedback on the user interface that assists leaders in planning, preparing, executing, and assessing the training activities. Representatives from PEO STRI, the STE Cross Functional Team, and ATEC participated in feedback sessions and directed focus groups throughout the exercise to continue the Soldier-centric design process at Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI) facilities, the vendor tasked with developing the TSS and TMT.

The TSS/TMT is the platform enabler of the Synthetic Training Environment that will allow units and leaders to conduct realistic, multi-domain, multi-echelon collective combined arms maneuver and mission command training anywhere in the world. The integrated STE system is comprised of three foundational capabilities: the TSS/TMT software, Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) hardware, and One World Terrain (OWT).

STP-1A was a significant event that obtained user feedback used to drive the software design process and inform future software releases. The combined efforts of PEO STRI personnel, the STE Cross Functional Team and CESI employees will continue to implement improvements and modifications to ensure Soldiers are fielded this essential training solution.

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