“When technologies show potential, I provide and/or coordinate a review or demonstration of the product or methodology to the appropriate FLETC and partner organization instructional staff and management, “ said Mike Robbs, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Law Enforcement Technology Liaison. “Then we can better determine the potential and interest from the instructional and operational perspectives.”

Excited about returning for a second opportunity to serve as FLETC’s representative to Team Orlando, Robbs’ role is to identify and evaluate new and existing training technologies for their ability to meet law enforcement (LE) training needs. He’s been serving as a law enforcement instructor and supervisor for 30 years and throughout the years, his passion to help improve the training has grown.

“There exists today a great necessity for change within our profession, and of course, training is often the foundation for making change,” Robbs said. “The requirements for researched-based quality training utilizing adult education and training methodologies proven to be effective and based upon current scientific findings is critical for improving law enforcements public image, operational effectiveness and personal safety.”

Robbs said that being a part of Team Orlando is important for FLETC because it enables them to build professional relations and partnerships with the Board of Directors members to include DoD, academia and industry. “Being part of the team ensures that FLETC is aware of the current state of technology and technology integration within those markets,” Robb said.

FLETC sees many benefits from their Team Orlando partnership, including a direct gateway for access to the technology and training expertise resident within the members.

“FLETC can leverage the up-front research, analysis, and business formulation the Services conduct for the training and education programs, thereby providing significant efficiencies,” Robb said. “Conversely, the exposure to law enforcement techniques and capabilities assists the military as their current role has expanded to include peacekeeping.”

For Robb, the personal takeaways for his second time around are simple.

“I want to develop more professional relationships and collaboration with the professionals within Research Park, maintain those professional relationships and collaboration within the FLETC, and be one instrument among many to help make positive change for the officers and agents serving our country.”

“I believe there is no greater place for FLETC to be than here in the Research Park where we have the opportunity to collaborate with academia from University of Central Florida, partnership with research and developers within the DoD, and be exposed to hundreds of Central Florida companies that are developing cutting-edge training resources and tools.”

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