Col. Michael Coolican, director for the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), was recently invited to speak at a TEDx event at the College of William & Mary, where he shared with the audience a bit about the world of non-lethal weapons, and the important role they play in our country’s line of defense.


Click the picture to watch Col. Coolican’s Tedx presentation last month at the College of William & Mary.

As part of the event, themed “Beyond,” Coolican talked about how many people might consider non-lethal weapons in the military an oxymoron, but instead they provide a complementary tool set with some of the other weapon systems in the military.

“Our job in the military is to fight and win the nation’s wars,” Coolican said. “But a little secret for you – that’s not what we do all the time. In fact, that’s not what we do most of the time. “

“We ask our men and women in the military to do peace-keeping operations, stability operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief,” he said. “When we do those other missions, we need other tool sets complementary to things like the Harrier and these other major weapon systems, and that’s where non-lethal system weapons fit in very nicely.”

Coolican was the Program Manager for Training Systems prior to assuming his current role at the JNLWD in December 2013. Watch his full presentation, “DoD Non-Lethals: Innovate, Adapt, Win” on TEDx Talks.

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