gym_silhouette_vector_161983Federal Insurance / Health Plans have partnered with Healthways Prime, a flexible membership program that gives members unlimited access to a nationwide network of gyms. With more than 8,000 participating fitness centers, federal employees and possibly some contractors can find gyms that fit their schedules and lifestyles!

Even better, membership is month-to-month so no long-term contract is required. Although fees vary by plan, the typical fee is $25 per month, per member, with a one-time enrollment fee of $25, although this does vary according to each plan. A great advantage is this membership allows participants to become members of more than one gym with no additional cost!

After three months, members can cancel. Some plans may allow family members to join, as well, but details on the availability of family plans should be confirmed with your insurance company.

Learn more here, or call 1-877-238-6240.

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