John Gillette headshot

By Leiah Kim, Staff Writer


John Gillette, project manager for the Project Manager Synthetic Environment (PM SE) office, discussed contract opportunities to support the Army at the Training & Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS), June 13.


PM SE’s mission is to provide relevant, integrated modeling and simulation capabilities to achieve Army readiness. Through virtual, constructive and gaming products PM SE offers a realistic training environment to ensure Army trainees have the proper preparation to navigate today’s operational environment.


Gillete manages PM SE’s three product offices: Synthetic Warrior Systems, Common Synthetic Environment, and Next Generation Constructive. He elaborated on six contract opportunities to support these offices’ efforts:


  1. The Digital Integration Lab (DIL) offers a secure, centralized location for PEO STRI programs to integrate with mission command information systems. The DIL also supports PM SE’s software development and integration initiatives across PEO STRI through risk reduction for formal Army interoperability certification testing.


  1. One Semi-Automated Forces’ constructive simulation which platforms, systems, and U.S. Army doctrine at the brigade level and below.


  1. The Training Simulation Software/Training Management Tool programs provide the capability to conduct multi-echelon combined arms maneuver training to support multidomain operations in a complex operational environment at the point of need from the squad level up through the Army service component command level (ASCC).


  1. One World Terrain provides a virtual representation of Earth’s physical landscape through 3D global terrain capabilities, supporting training, operational and intelligence needs.


  1. Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer includes the aviation and ground maneuver platforms, and dismounted soldier sets that enable mission rehearsal, gunnery and collective maneuver training.


  1. Next Generation Constructive (NGC) acceleration is the future of constructive training for division commanders, their staffs, and lower command levels. NGC will enable the Army to close command staff training gaps against near-peer threats in a multidomain operations environment, scaled through the ASCC level.


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