Join ADL on Jan. 26 for a new webinar about the Maturing ADL in Multinational Exercises (MADLx) Return on Investment (ROI) Dashboard Prototype, developed to assess the effectiveness of ADL technologies used in multinational and coalition exercises. The webinar is open to the public and appropriate for both the technical and non-technical users. The speaker is Biljana Presnall, technical lead for the MADLx project, and vice president for The Jefferson Institute. Register here.

The MADLx project enhances joint and coalition training exercises by integrating distributed learning with computer-based and live training exercises. One of the many benefits of this integration is improved readiness reporting through learning data analytics and associated visualizations. In a wide variety of exercises, we discovered a common stakeholder need: an analytics dashboard capability for data collected before, during, and after training events, allowing actionable, data-driven feedback.

Research prototypes have been tested in eight multinational exercises so far, and further development is planned for future multinational and domestic exercises. The prototype provides the opportunity to apply and consider different types of visual representations of data for an exercise before implementation. A full set of implementation tools are open-source and free of charge and can be found on GitHub.

Questions about the webinar can be directed to Liz Bradley.

The Jefferson Institute, a research and education organization based in the US. She leads the digital team on a Department of Defense R&D project to mature the operational integration of ADL in multinational exercises (MADLx).

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