By Terri Bernhardt

Frank DiGiovanni, Director, Training Readiness and Strategy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense (Readiness), will be the Government Keynote for this year’s Defense GameTech Users’ Conference: Thrills to Skills, in Orlando, Fla. Given his passionate stance in the power of simulation and its impact on warfighter readiness, GameTech leaders are confident that attendees will be equally informed and challenged by DiGiovanni’s presentation.

“We are pleased to add Mr. DiGiovanni to our list of distinguished speakers,” stated Tom Baptiste, NCS President/Executive Director. “He is a welcome addition to the speaker lineup and we look forward to his keynote address.”

DiGiovanni has attended GameTech in past years and is a requested speaker at various briefings and events within Team Orlando. DiGiovanni oversees the policies and development of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative which has two locations, one in Alexandria, VA and the other in Orlando. The vision of the ADL Initiative is to provide access to the highest quality learning and performance aiding that can be tailored to individual needs, and delivered cost effectively at the right time and at the right place.

“Mr. DiGiovanni’s addition to GameTech solidifies gaming, virtual worlds and mobile technologies into the government’s approach of building the best possible training environment; balancing the future training needs with learner desires,” stated Scott Hooper, Program Chair, GameTech 2013 (Havok). “These emerging technologies play a vital role in enhancing the next-generation learner, and ADL offers exceptional research and prototyping components of innovative training solutions.”

DiGiovanni’s keynote address will be presented on the first day of the Defense GameTech Users’ Conference and will be followed by an array of topics delivering conference attendees an update on DoD gaming, virtual world, and mobile application projects. GameTech provides attendees a forum to exchange ideas and experience emerging technologies in the world of DoD gaming.

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