By Terri Bernhardt

PEO STRI Team Orlando MemberOn June 22, Vice Admiral William Gortney, the Director of the Joint Staff, signed a new, overarching Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Program Executive Office for Simulation Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). The MOA had been previously signed by the PEO, Dr. Jim Blake. This MOA is consistent with the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) – PEO STRI MOA signed by LTG Bob Wood and Dr. Blake back in June 2008. A new MOA was necessitated by the Disestablishment of JFCOM in August 2011, and the realignment of key ongoing functions like Joint Training and its Modeling & Simulations enablers under the Joint Staff.

The new MOA recognizes key responsibilities and skill sets possessed by each of the parties, and lays out anticipated areas of mutual support and cooperation. These areas include – but are not limited to – material development, contracting & acquisition, and foreign military sales of those key M&S enablers to Joint training, concept development, and experimentation previously referenced.Under the agreement PEO STRI will continue to provide a Field Service Representative (FSR) to the Joint Staff J7 Joint & Coalition Warfighting (JCW) in Suffolk, VA. PEO STRI and the JCW will also support the continuation of the customer funded Joint & Coalition Simulation Services (JCSS) Office to serve as a demand driven focal point for Joint Forces requirements, contracting, and acquisition activities.

The MOA provides the foundation for ongoing and subsequent working level agreements between various segments of the two organizations. It does not have a “sunset” date. It will be reviewed on an annual basis and will remain in effect until modified or terminated.

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