Army Modernization Exchange

By Nate Snook
Synthetic Training Environment Cross-Functional Team Public Affairs

Persistent modernization requires persistent engagement between academia, industry and the government.

We can no longer rely on episodic engagements based solely on a conference schedule if we truly want to take advantage of emerging and innovative technologies.

We must leverage technology to modernize our own business processes.

With the use of the Synthetic Training Environment Cross-Functional Team (STE CFT) webpage, connected to the “Army Modernization Exchange” (AME), which is hosted on the SalesForce platform, we now have a means by which industry and academia can safely and securely share their ideas and capabilities.

These platforms also allow us to communicate our areas of interest or areas in which we are seeking industry solutions, without the need for releasing a formal Request for Solutions.

This is most important to the STE CFT because we are in the business of refining requirements for the capabilities that our Army needs placed in the hands of its Soldiers. If for no other reason, unsolicited submissions by academia and industry allow us to refine our requirements prior to “bending materials”.

We know that modernization is a team effort and therefore we want to hear from the entire team on a regular basis. As part of the Army Modernization Exchange, your submissions will get visibility with the STE CFT, Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC), Program Executive Office Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), and the Tech Grove.

The AME is gradually expanding across other Army Futures Command, Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, and Army Materiel Command elements that will expose your submissions to an even larger team.

Visit our webpage and help continue the collaboration that is so very vital to our Soldiers.

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