NSIN Tech Squad

Young professionals, rejoice. The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)’s Tech Squad is bringing the work to you.

The Tech Squad is a 3-month remote, part-time, voluntary service opportunity that matches professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields to the Department of Defense (DoD). The goal of the Tech Squad is to “contribute to the critical mission of the DoD while exposing technologists to intellectually-stimulating national security problems,” according to NSIN Program Manager Farid Nemri. “The Tech Squad offers volunteers the opportunity to connect with and learn from DoD leaders, as well as other volunteers they get work with.”

“Tech Squad provides diverse career professionals with the ability to solve critical defense problems. Creating this pathway to service ensures a resilient approach in our dedication and investment in our government and national security future,” states NSIN National Service Portfolio Director Karen Fray. The inaugural Tech Squad met success this last summer while working on various DoD projects such as building mobile apps, creating algorithms, and using data and analytics alongside machine learning to reliably predict the demand on the supply-chain for the U.S. Marines.

One such project includes a member who works in medical imaging; he applied his skillsets to help the Air Force artificial intelligence (AI) cross-functional team develop a prototype that was capable of taking PDF certificates for training and outputting them into organized data sheets. Not only does this algorithm have the potential to save hundreds of hours of manual labor, it is a key example of how the squad can be utilized.

Several members of the inaugural team are also considering reapplying to future iterations of the program. This program is open to all U.S. citizens with experience in technology who are looking to expand their portfolios. “We don’t want anybody to feel excluded from joining the program just because a portfolio doesn’t match what you’d might associate with a ‘young professional,’” Nemri said. “It does not mean you cannot apply.”

Anyone interested in joining the Tech Squad is encouraged to fill out an interest form on the NSIN website.  NSIN is also still accepting DoD mission partners and project sponsors who would like to host volunteers. If your project is digital and unclassified, the DoD problem sponsor form is also available on the NSIN website.

Photo Credit: NSIN Website

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