Central Florida NDIA/Women in Defense hosted one of Team Orlando’s first formal gatherings with industry since the COVID lockdown at a luncheon May 27. NAWCTSD’s Commanding Officer, Capt. Tim Hill, shared insights about the command’s growth and focus areas.

“Our number one focus is and will always be our warriors and how we make them better at what they do,” he said.

Capt. Hill explained that during the lockdown, NAWCTSD actually grew its mission in programs, people and funding. The command finished last year at $1.5 billion in contracts, and it is on track to meet those same levels this fiscal year.

He discussed the organization’s focus on the training mission and fleet readiness. Among other discussion topics, Capt. Hill talked about the organization’s outreach to industry with multiple programs focused on innovation, including the Central Florida Tech Bridge, Central Florida Tech Grove, and how the organization is growing the workforce of the future by investing in STEM and workforce development.

Capt. Hill talked about other recent accomplishments that expanded on the previous InterService/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference event known as Operation Blended Warrior by linking a persistent “sand box” environment aboard NSA Orlando to Partnership IV and the Tech Grove in order to facilitate more collaboration with industry.

The event offered Capt. Hill the opportunity to share some of NAWCTSD’s successes over his time as commanding officer, which ends in July when he will be handing over the helm to Capt. Dan Covelli.

Capt. Covelli explained what’s ahead for NAWCTSD. He envisions the command to continue fostering innovation and collaboration.

“We’ll continue our collaboration with the other military services,” he said. “But not just with the military. We’ll continue to build the ecosystem of innovation that has begun with Team Orlando and expand with the Tech Bridge and Tech Grove.”

Capt. Covelli shared that his top three goals will be “Fleet readiness, Tech Bridge advancement, and to ensure that NAWCTSD continues to improve as an organization.”

Stay tuned for more in-depth articles about Capt. Hill’s end of tour, the change of command, and “getting to know Capt. Covelli.”

View/download the NAWCTSD presentation.

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