Article by ALT and NAWCTSD PAO

The Central Florida Tech Bridge is part of the new NavalX program that was established last year to connect Department of the Navy external and internal partners to increase awareness and provide access to best practices and technologies.  It is located near the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, taking advantage of long-standing collaborative relationships with major universities, all Military services, and various government agencies.

The Tech Bridges will operate on a “franchise” model that will allow each region to develop their own model to connect to their unique innovation ecosystem. NAWCTSD Commanding Officer, Capt. Tim Hill explained how the Central Florida Tech Bridge will enable NAWCTSD to better support the fleet.

“NAWCTSD houses the Navy’s experts on training and human performance, and we already have a strong connection with the fleet through our network of fleet training sites,” he said. “But with the ecosystem that’s being created by Tech Bridge, we hope to expand and improve our connectivity with the fleet so that we can reduce the cycle time required for understanding and filling training needs.”

Central Florida Tech Bridge Director, Diana Teel, emphasized the importance of this new effort. “It’s a big deal because we are one of only two tech bridges that is in a sustainment phase, which recognizes that we already have a vibrant ecosystem (with Team Orlando). Being one of the original NavalX Tech Bridges will enable us to collaborate with other areas of the Navy much more effectively.”

Hill explained how the existing “Team Orlando” relationships enhance the value of the Central Florida Tech Bridge. “Team Orlando has an outstanding history of collaboration within the modeling, simulation, and training community and across other Central Florida sectors. The Tech Bridge will facilitate connecting the Central Florida ecosystem with those at the other Tech Bridge locations, enabling the capabilities in each of those ecosystems to be brought to bear in solving the hard problems in other domains.”

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