Captain Tim Hill, NAWCTSD commanding officer, conducted a plane naming ceremony in November to honor Dr. Dan Holsenbeck, Senior Vice President for University Relations and Senior Counsel to the University of Central Florida (UCF) president.

CAPT Hill, along with Interim UCF President, Dr. Thad Seymour, lauded Dr. Holsenbeck for his service and personal dedication in growing the Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) community. The name on the plane serves as a testimony to his selfless service to the University of Central Florida, NAWCTSD, and the Team Orlando Partnership.

Capt. Hill discussed the significance of naming the plane, which is a static display on the base that reminds the Navy workforce of their impact on the Naval aviators that support and defend our nation. The ceremonial naming honors Dr. Holsenbeck for his contributions to the sustainment of NAWCTSD in the community and the strong partnership as a critical organization.

“We had the opportunity to honor some of the people that have been influential in our base and in growing the MS&T industry,” said Hill. “We identified Dr. Dan Holsenbeck, UCF, who is also a former Navy Captain, for his many years of dedication in supporting and helping grow the simulation industry. Additionally, we recognized his efforts in helping secure the state-funded Partnership buildings where the military has affordable office space and where Team Orlando collaborates.”

Visibly touched by the act, Dr. Holsenbeck, said, “I am privileged and honored to a part of this team and very humbled and appreciative of this recognition.” He added, “The concept of Team Orlando in the broadest community sense is an unparalleled example of partnership to enhance our National Defense. The Hitt Partnership Complex represents the physical investment by the partners and, moreover, the significant role the University can contribute. Our goal is to support those who serve – and Team Orlando does it best!”

Dr. Holsenbeck’s name was placed on right side of the FA4 airplane. The plane serves as a reminder to the workforce and the community of the significance modeling, simulation and training has on naval aviation and National Defense.

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