One of the Navy’s special events during the 2021 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the focus event: Navy Acquisition Menagerie, on Wednesday, Dec. 1 from 8:30 to 10 a.m.

“There is more to acquisition than the FAR” will begin a great conversation during this Navy event with a cast of the not-so-usual characters. The panel will be a diverse group including members of Naval X, Naval Tech Bridges, and DAU, and together, will guide I/ITSEC attendees on an exploration of non-FAR-based options.

Whether its Other Transaction Authority (OTA), Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) or a host of other options, this event will explore a sea of acquisition acronyms not found in the FAR.

Retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Frank Kelley, now vice president of Defense Acquisition University (DAU), leads this diverse panel as as they discuss new ways for Navy acquisition to stretch and reach new seas.

Moderator: Brigadier General Frank Kelly, SES, USMC retired /Vice President, DAU
Captain Ben “Nut” VanBuskirk, USN Director, NavalX
Whitney Tallarico, Director, NavalX Tech Bridges
Hallie Balkin, Esq., Learning Director, Other Transactions, DAU
Brian Serra (invited), Contracting and Acquisition Guy, DAU

The NAWCTSD team members are also participating as a panelists, presenters or moderators at several events during the week.

NAWCTSD Presents Math with Robots Level I
(Intended Audience: Middle & High School Educators)

Monday, November 29: 0900-1800 – Location: Room 311
Tuesday, November 30: 0900-1800 – Location: Room 311
Wednesday, December 1: 0900-1800 – Location: Room 312

Trust Exercises and Automation Transparency: The Big Fish
NAWCTSD employees Emily Anania, John Killilea, Beth Atkinson will be speaking
Tuesday, November 30: 1430-1500 – Room: 320F

Adapting Flight Training Devise Visual System Testing Methods to Extend Reality Near-Eye Displays
Benito Graniela, NAWCTSD
November 30: 1430-1500 – Room: 320A

Navy Vision from the Training systems’ Program Managers
Tuesday, November 30: 1600-1730 – Room 320GH
CAPT. Covelli is speaking with CAPT. Sullivan and Mr. Mike Merritt

Lessons Learned for Implementing Adaptive Blended Learning Experiences Using Moodle
Session Deputy: Cheryl Johnson, Ph.D. – NAWCTSD, Panelist: Natalie Steinhauser – NAWCTSD
Wednesday, December 1: 1030 – 1100 – Room 320B

SIM5: Amplifying Outcomes by Improving Existing Technology (3 parts)
Chair: Christina Welch, Ph.D. – NAWCTSD
Wednesday, December 1: 1600 – Room 320C
1600: Developing a Multilingual Auto-coding Interface Control for the MAVERIC-II Dynamics Simulator
1630: An Augmented Reality Thunderstorm Simulation to Improve Aviation Weather Pilot Training
1700: Environmental Extension: A Passive Interactivity Approach to Immersive AR/MR

Perceptions of the Use of Synthetic Crew Members in Aircrew Training: Instructor and Student Perspectives
NAWCTSD Speakers: Emily Anania, John Killilea, and Beth Atkinson
Thursday, December 2 at 1100 – 1130 — Room320D

3rd Annual Iron Dev Competition
Thursday, December 2 at 1300
NAWCTSD Executive Director, Mr. John Meyers, SES will be a judge

U.S. Navy Program Brief
Thursday, December 2, 0830-1000 – Room 310AB

Air Combat Cross Services Training Panel
Wednesday, December 1 at 1600 – 1730 — Room 320GH
Moderator – NAWCTSD Acquisition Director, Mr. Mike Merritt

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