The Chief of Naval Operations created the Navigation Plan (NAVPLAN) in 2021, but recently released an update to the document.  Originally focused on the Navy’s efforts across four foundational priorities: readiness, capabilities, capacity and Sailors, the update “builds upon that foundation, leveraging our progress to further strength the United States Navy’s warfighting advantage.

In reviewing the updated NAVPLAN, Capt. Jerin “Tim” James, executive officer for the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), noted that the NAWCTSD mission is woven throughout.

“This is very exciting,” he said. “Training was mentioned 18 times; research 6 times; LVC 4 times; RRL 2 times; and acquisition 2 times. It also heavily hit upon the Get Real, Get Better call to action and the NAVPLAN Implementation Framework, which both began last year and are shaping what we continue to work toward.”

The plan identifies three key developments that led to the update:
  • The 2022 National Defense Strategy (NDS) clarified America’s national security objectives, and emphasized the  need  to  address  long-term  competition  with  China  and  sustain  military advantage against Russia. It also introduced integrated deterrence as a unifying principle for the Department of Defense and supporting U.S. Government agencies.
  • The development of the Joint Warfighting Concept and its aligned, complementary capabilities and missions across all the U.S. military services.
  • The recognition that the Navy needs a continuous, iterative Force Design process to  focus their modernization efforts and accelerate the capabilities needed to maintain their edge in this critical decade and beyond.

Jerin said, “If you work at NAWCTSD or do business with us or the Navy, it’s important that you read this NAVPLAN update so you can determine how best you fit in the Navy’s future plans. It clearly states that the new guidance, ‘supersedes last year’s NAVPLAN and will inform annual guidance for the Navy’s Program Objective Memorandum and other annual budget documents.'”

He continued, “In other words, if you’re looking to receive funding from the Navy, you need to ensure you align to this.”

The entire NAVPLAN ( is 28 pages and covers important topics like security environment, force design and the Navy’s priorities, including capacity, capabilities, readiness and its Sailors.

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