By Brian Roscoe

The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division passed its first ever Cyber Security Inspection (CSI) with a score of 97.6% — the highest score received by any Navy command to date.

“Our team did more than just pass the Cyber Security Inspection (CSI) … we knocked it out of the park!,” said Commanding Officer, Capt. Steve Nakagawa. “This is a very positive and a very significant achievement. Cyber security is critically important because we live in a world where adversaries would love nothing more than to get a glimpse of our technologies.”

The inspection was a comprehensive graded inspection involving all cyber security areas; including leadership engagement, physical security, administration, training, network configuration, and network operations. The inspections are conducted on a three-year cycle with the goal of minimizing network vulnerability to outside attacks.

The Captain emphasized that Cyber Security is a continuous priority, and thanked the team members who ensure compliance in all labs and on all computer networks throughout the year. “Bravo Zulu to all who supported and participated in the CSI, Nakagawa said.”To quote the CSI Team’s lead inspector, ‘all graded review areas are complete and were once again found to be impeccable.’ I truly appreciate the efforts of each of you.”

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