The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Services Division (NAWCTSD) filed a notice on Beta.Sam.Gov requesting input from industry members about shifting source data management standards for training system procurements.

“This shift could affect future procurements and NAWCTSD is attempting to determine the extent to which the industry base could be impacted by the change,” noted Leslie Faircloth, Navy Small Business Professional, in her recent LinkedIn post.

NAWCTSD developed a list of questions, listed below but also available on the Beta.Sam.Gov site. These questions are to assist industry partners in providing the best information. Industry feedback is very important, however the questions are not tied to a particular contemplated procurement. Additionally, because there is no requirement, there is no applicable NAICS code.

Responses are due no later than 3 p.m. EST on May 21, 2021.

1. Are you currently involved with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) in support of the Common Database (CDB) standard? If you are involved, please expand on your role and involvement.

2. Are you currently involved with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) Foundation GEOINT 3D (FG3D) CDB efforts? If you are involved, please expand on your role and involvement.

3. NAWCTSD is considering adopting the CDB standard for all of our future database requirements.
• What do you like about CDB and what are your concerns?
• Do you have any comments, questions or concerns with this potential decision to move to CDB? If so, please elaborate on the potential impact to your future proposals, database development efforts, database reuse, and system integration efforts going forward.

4. Do you currently have the ability to publish your developed databases to CDB format?
• Do you use proprietary tools?
• What commercially available tools do you utilize?
• What tools have you developed?
• Can you compile CDB source off-line to support legacy systems/formats? If so, can you elaborate on the process and legacy formats that you support?

5. Since CDB can be used both as a repository and for runtime publishing:
• Do you currently have the capability to publish from CDB in real time? Have you developed runtime publishers? If so, please elaborate.
• If so, for which type of output (OTW/NVG, Sensor, CGF/SAF, Radar)?
• Have you implemented this approach on delivered training devices? If so, which ones?
• Are you aware of any performance concerns using CDB for runtime publishing? If so, can you provide your view of potential solutions?

6. Please provide a technical point-of-contact for any follow up questions and discussion.
• Name
• Role/Title
• Email Address
• Phone Number

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