NAWC-UCF-Partnership-Agreement-wThe Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division and University of Central Florida will sign an Educational Partnership Agreement at this year’s I/ITSEC on Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 12:45 p.m. in room S210C in the OCCC’s south concourse.

Dr. John Hitt, UCF’s president, and Capt. Wes Naylor, Commanding Officer, NAWCTSD, will participate in the official ceremony as a follow on to an agreement that has been in effect since Oct. 1. The Agreement recognizes the vital role that science, mathematics and engineering education play in the United States’ current, as well as its future viability and well-being.

The Agreement outlines three purposes:

  • Aid in the educational experience of UCF students and faculty by providing a mechanism by which those students and faculty can benefit from the staff expertise, unique facilities and equipment related to naval warfare systems and technologies available from NAWCTSD through the Agreement.
  • Aid NAWCTSD engineers and other employees in executing their mission by leveraging the educational knowledge and capabilities of UCF students and faculty.
  • Facilitate the identification of other mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.
  • The Agreement is in effect for 36 months and may be extended at the conclusion of the term by mutual written agreement of the Partners.

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