NAWCTSD This is the Way Awards

In May, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division unveiled their new “This is the Way” award, a new award that focuses on the behaviors they want modeled. Unlike most awards, this one isn’t tightly tied to results, but instead it rewards people for making the right call in the moment — even if it didn’t end up working out and was more of a “fail forward” event. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve from it.

“It is easy to highlight results, and they are important, but it is the behaviors and beliefs that we really want to emphasize,” explained Captain Dan Covelli, NAWCTSD commanding officer. “If you model the right behaviors you will end up with the right results. Focusing only on the results can incentivize bad behavior.”

Seven people/groups were nominated by their leadership for displaying behaviors that will help take NAWCTSD to the next level and help achieve the four focus areas to support NAVAIR and NAWCAD’s vision. The behaviors have been bucketed into VADM Carl Chebi’s 14 behaviors that Tom Rudowsky, Deputy Commander of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), shared with the NAWCTSD workforce.

The winners of the awards are:

Be Bold – Eric Pfefferkorn, Keith Slage, Holly DeFord, Fernando Cerpa-Rondon
Think Differently – Jesse Gusse and Clifford Pool
Have an Abundance v Scarcity Mindset – Valerio Sánchez, P.E. and Kelsey Denove
Get Better – Sarah Weaver, Kimber Ball, Jason Magno and Mark Thailing
Strengthen Partnerships and Have an Abundance v Scarcity Mindset – Robert Burch and Will Holmgren

Congratulations to all the winners and Bravo Zulu to NAWCTSD on implementing this new program.

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