By Derrick Matthews, NAWCTSD Public Affairs

Team-Orlando-NAWCTSD-Selina-Vik-WSelina Vik started out her day on May 7 by attending a quarterly Town Hall meeting with command leadership recognizing workforce accomplishments and sharing insight on the future direction of the organization. Then the announcement came. Vik who works at the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) as Department Head, Training and Career Development was selected as the recipient of the command’s annual Ray Malatino Coach of the Year award.

The announcement came as a surprise for the tenured employee who was recognized earlier during the town hall for 30 years of federal service. Vik, who is a mentor to nine employees, has a goal to make every experience with her protégés a learning opportunity.  Her professional demeanor, tone of her voice, and approach to any problem all exhibit qualities that exemplify the words “mentor,” “coach” and “role model.”

“I was a little surprised but thrilled to win the Ray Malatino Award for outstanding leadership in mentoring and coaching. It really reflects my personal commitment and dedication to not only my protégés but to the employees of NAWCTSD. (Former NAWCTSD Executive Director) Mr. Malatino is held in such high esteem and has left us such a strong legacy of mentoring and coaching, that to follow in his footsteps is truly an honor,” said Vik.

Selina’s passion for mentoring reveals itself in her continuous accomplishments as the command’s Career Development Manager. Over her seven years in Code 7.3 she has expanded training course offerings every year. Today, they are quadrupled from where they were in Fiscal Year 2008. She has also introduced a series of general skills enhancement and mentoring training where it did not exist prior to then. She has brought on-site mentor and protégé classes for the entire NAWCTSD workforce. At the core of all her efforts is a desire to further the knowledge and potential of every employee.

What made her selection for the award special was the fact that she was nominated for her achievements by her teammates. NAWCTSD Management Analyst, Dr. Una McFarland initiated Vik’s nomination for the Ray Malatino Coach of the Year Award. “I felt like Selina was a perfect candidate for this award because of the work she has done to support mentoring on a personal basis as well as professional level. I have worked with Selina for more than 15 years and many of her protégées are multigenerational and will be a part of the next wave of leaders in the workforce,” said McFarland.

Mentoring is an important part of the NAWCTSD community. Today, NAWCTSD has over 50 percent of its workforce enrolled in iMentor and over 35 percent enrolled in an active mentoring partnership.

“I also thank my peers on the African-American Pipeline Advisory Team (APAT), Dr. Una McFarland, Ms. Amy Bostick and Ms. Lynetta Bailey, for nominating me for this award. To receive recognition for something that you love to do is the ultimate reward,” said Vik.

The Ray Malatino Coach of the Year Award is named after former NAWCTSD Executive Director Ray Malatino and is given to individuals who exemplify the former director’s moral character and leadership in the areas of mentorship, coaching and leadership.

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