NCS Former Commanders Luncheon

Last week on June 3, National Center for Simulation hosted a first-ever Former Commanders’ Luncheon, inviting former Team Orlando leaders from several generations to meet – some for the first time – and get to know one another. One of them just retired from active duty in April 2022, while another retired in 1992.

“I’d like to welcome all of you here and thank you for being here,” NCS CEO and president, George Cheros, told the group. “I wanted to do this in 2020, but of course, COVID changed a lot of plans. Our main purpose today is to thank each of you for your service and develop a forum for meaningful exchange as your collective experience knowledge base is so valuable”.

After some networking time, the group enjoyed lunch. Then, each guest introduced themselves to the others, shared their past positions, and what they are currently doing,

The “oldest dude” there, as he referred to himself, was USN Capt. (Ret) Ernie Lewis, who retired as the commanding officer at NAWCTSD in 1992. “I guess I’m the oldest dude here,” he said. “I first flew an airplane in 1954 – it was a vintage observation aircraft. I never expected to get down here for my last job.”

As it turns out, Orlando is a popular landing place for retirement after serving in the Team Orlando community.

“My hope is that we can really tap into this wealth of historical knowledge and utilize their experiences and know-how to continue to expand our efforts in the region and beyond. We are already looking forward to the next one.” said Cheros.

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