The National Center for Simulation held its second annual Team Orlando commanders’ luncheon on Tuesday, August 1. Last year, NCS chief executive officer, George Cheros, outreached these leaders with the intention of providing an opportunity for these former commanders of the Team Orlando commands to come together to get to know one another.


With representatives across different generations, the event gives these leaders the opportunity to talk about the latest news, challenges, and technologies coming from the region. This year, thirteen retired leaders representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps attended the luncheon.


“We tackle big issues and help support the organizations you represented in ways that those leaders aren’t able to do, including our past efforts to acquire UCF partnership four and five buildings or other types of infrastructure,” Cheros told the group.


Cheros said that he would like to involve this group in future initiatives that NCS and the Metro Orlando Defense Task Force may pursue. “We want to spend more time talking about the NCS story, but an important part of that story is Team Orlando and our military community,” he said. “And you guys were a big part of that history. So, over the next few months and next year, we’re going to be reaching out to you to help us start putting some stories together.”


Attending this year’s luncheon were Ernie Lewis, commander, Naval Training Systems Center; Chris Addison, commander, Navy Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD); Steve Seay, program executive officer, U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation; Jim Blake, Ph.D., program executive officer, U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation; Harry Robinson, commander, NAWCTSD, Bill “Roto” Reuter, commander, NAWCTSD; the Honorable David Smith, Marine Corps program manager, training systems (PM TRASYS); Walt Yates, PM TRASYS; Steve Nakagawa, NAWCTSD; Lou Lara, PM TRASYS; Rob Epstein, Air Force Agency for Modeling & Simulation; Tim Hill, NAWCTSD and Dan Covelli, NAWCTSD.

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