Symposium to Help Students See the Diverse Use of Simulation

NCS-20-Anniv-041613Kicking off the celebration for the 20th Anniversary of the National Center for Simulation, the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government (LFI) at the University of Central Florida will partner with NCS on Sept. 30 for their fall symposium, one of two they host each year. More than 500 high school students from across Florida will travel to UCF to participate in Simulation: Evolutionary Past, Boundless Future and learn about, see and use various simulation approaches to important problems or issues.

Companies from the Central Florida area are joining forces with LFI and the National Center for Simulation to help get young people excited about making simulation a career, and both Senator Nelson and Congressman Mica are scheduled to give the opening keynotes at the symposium.

Prior to this special event on the evening before, Sept. 29, there is a reception from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the UCF Fairwinds Alumni Center, and also taking part in this special reception are Senator Bill Nelson, Congressman John Mica, as well as Dr. M. J. Soileau, Dean Michael Johnson, senior industry and entertainment executives, and other state and local politicians. Industry is welcomed and encouraged to attend, visit with speakers and use this time for collaboration and networking.

We hope you can join us for this opportunity as we all work together for the benefit of the Modeling, Simulation and Training community. Additional information can be found on the NCS web site, or by calling the NCS office at 407-384-6111.

NCS Board Seeks Three New Directors

On September 30, three NCS Board of Directors (BOD) members’ terms of service will expire. Each of the incumbents is eligible to run for re-election and NCS will also open the election to other NCS Members who are interested in seeking a seat on the BOD for a three-year term. If you are an NCS Member in good standing (dues current) and are interested in seeking election to one of the three available BOD seats, call NCS at 407-384-6111. NCS will need an individual photo, a short bio and a paragraph that describes why you would like to serve on the NCS BOD and what you will bring to the Board if elected. This material will be posted to the NCS website for members’ reviews during the online voting process.

Timing of the NCS BOD election will be as follows:

• NCS will seek nominees and collect individual information for posting to the NCS website until close of business on Friday, 30 August 2013.

• Online voting will begin Monday, Sept. 2 on the NCS website and continue until close of business on Friday, Sept. 27.

• Each NCS member company/organization/individual in good standing (dues current) is eligible to cast one vote for up to three candidates.

• Votes will be validated by a member of the NCS Budget/Audit Committee on Monday, Sept. 30 and the three individuals who receive the most votes will be announced on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

• The three elected individuals will be invited to attend their first NCS BOD meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 20.

For questions, please call NCS at 407-384-6111.

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